Thursday, May 1, 2014

One Room Challenge - Week 5

We are at the home stretch of this fun and exciting One Room Challenge created by Linda at Calling it Home.   One more week to get everything completed, eek!  If you missed any of the past posts, you can catch up here at Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4.   I am going to keep it short and sweet because I have so much to do still!  That's what happens when you are a perpetual procrastinator, go into panic mode at the last minute!  Time manager, I am not!
Nevertheless, to add to my procrastinating ways, I am also a little disturbed.  The headboard I designed and I my husband constructed for me was going so well until it was almost completed and I realized I didn't like the color of the fabric and the way upholstered section worked out.  So, what do I do?  I ripped it all out, ran back to the fabric store and found a beautiful grey velvet fabric and re-upholstered it.  All the while in my husband's mind, he is questioning my sanity (he knew what he got himself into long time ago).  Second time around, we constructed the upholstered section differently.  I made it so that the fabric on upholstered section can be easily changed without effecting the structure of the headboard, I'll give a tutorial at a later date.

This is the upholstered section before...

Here it is now...

Checking out to see how the curtain fabric works together with everything.

I am also finished on my side tables and I am just waiting for the handles to arrive from D.Lawless Hardware.

I am not even going to say what I have left to do, there is a lot!  But, its all gooood!

Now its time to go check out the amazing  designers/diy bloggers here and here.  

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Wow! You did a fabulous job on that headboard!! I wasn't brave enough to try that! And love your hardware too... Thanks so much for recommending that place on my blogpost last week... I looooved what they had but I'm from Canada and my sadly my shipping was more that what my 11 knobs and handles would have cost haha! Good luck next week :)
    Kendra @

  2. Thanks Kendra,
    Unfortunately, thats the problem with ordering online unless its free shipping it may not be worth it. Good luck to you too!

  3. That is a HOT bedroom. Wow the headboard is killer. Love the brass handles. Can't wait to see next week.

  4. What a fabulous looking headboard! Great job. I, also, own an interchangeable, upholstered headboard. It's kind of fun, being it's also reversible, because I can switch to all wood if I like :-)

  5. Sherry, amazing job on the headboard! Now you're making me feel bad for stressing on my DIY projects on my headboard for master ORC. Looking forward to your big reveal!


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