Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unplanned bathroom renovation.

Since we are rebuilding and renovating our entire first floor and our main bathroom in our house, my husband saw that he needed to change the old rotted pipes in our small master bathroom.  You know how that goes, when you touch one thing it can domino into starting a project that you hadn't planned on doing.  I was not anticipating renovating this bathroom, because we just had so much to do to get back in the house after the hurricane.   But it made sense to make all the mess now with demolition instead of later after the rest of the house is complete.

The bathroom was completely demo-ed down to the beams, it was a good thing too, because over the years people have cut beams and just left it with securing it again, the subfloor was so rotted it looked a little risky to stand on.  Who would have guessed under the sheetrock lurked such a structural mess?

My master bathroom is a small 5' X 8' bathroom, not a real large master suite bathroom, but I am happy to have it.  We decided we are not soaking in a bath type of people so we decided to take out the tub and are going to have a walk-in shower.

I was considering this wood look tile for the floor that I already had left over from a job my husband had done.  I would like a contemporary look for this bathroom and I really love these tiles, now just finding the right wall tile to go with is the challenge.

Here are some bathrooms with the wood look tile that I am loving!

Aren't they beautiful?  Do you have any ideas for type of wall tile I can use with these wood look floor?

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