Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Breezy Point Surf Club makeover completed!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  We were at the beach everyday this weekend just relaxing and enjoying the beach!  All the kids were swimming in the ocean and the adults were sunbathing and taking in the glorious weather.

Back in April, the Ortega Family Enterprises obtained the contract to operate the Breezy Point Surf Club and Silver Gull Beach Club.  These beach clubs are located in Rockaway Peninsula and each club offers private cabanas, food service, recreation, pools and of course the beautiful Rockaway Beach. The beach clubs were a bit run down from the lack of maintenance over the years.  The new management has been on a roll updating and enhancing the clubs since they took over.  The club members are really going to be impressed with the new improvements.
My friend Kristin had the opportunity to do this makeover and what a great job she did!
Now that the bar/restaurant makeover is completed, I can show you the beautiful result!

Kristin purchased durable, yet beautiful furniture that can withstand wet bathing suits for the restaurant and lounge area.


Beautiful hollow tree trunk sculpture!
Rustic bench in the cozy corner...

Relaxing lounge area, gorgeous tree trunk table.
Lounge area before.

Kristin displayed beautiful decorative objects around the room to give it a homey feel.

Season's opening day, everyone had a wonderful time playing pool, shuffle board and darts in the lounge area.

Kristin and Tanya Ortega enjoying the evening.

This project turned out beautiful, Kristin did great job!  

Have a great day!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Faux inlay dresser

Hi everyone!  I hope you will be having a splendid holiday weekend.  This weekend is especially special for us because the life guards gets stationed at the beach, which means anyone who is brave enough can go into the water.   So, officially our summer starts this weekend providing mother nature doesn't put a damper on things!  We have been having so much rain here I wish it would end already!  I am hoping for at least one sunny day to go and enjoy a lazy day at the beach.

I want to show you an incredibly detailed projects that seems daunting yet with a little patience can be worth every effort.  The end result is nothing short of gorgeous!

You can see how this dresser trasnforms…

into this at Little green notebook.

Here was the inspiration… A traditional inlay dresser can cost thousands of dollars, however this version can be done for only a few dollars!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Breezy Point Surf Club makeover

I think one of the most unscathed areas in New York has to be Breezy Point in Rockaway.  At the very end of Rockaway lies the Breezy Point Surf Club which was estabished in 1937.  The Surf Club is a place where people can rent cabanas for the season or for the day to enjoy the beach, pools, entertainment, restaurant, etc.  The Breezy Point Surf Club was recently leased by Ortega Enterprises and they are planning to make some serious updating while maintaining its history.

My friends Kristin, whom I had previously showed you her beautiful house by the beach is redecorating the 3500sq. ft. bar/restaurant of the Breezy Point Surf Club.  This project is truly a challenge being that I don't think this space has been touched since the 1960's.  The difficult task was she had only 40 days to come up with a design plan, purchase furniture, accessories and have the plan come into fruition.  I will be taking picutres along the way to show its progress, I can't wait to see the end results.

Here are some pictures of before the project began.


Redo in progress…  New flooring is down, walls painted white and ceilings a silvery blue.  Beams were painted white so that they stood out.

Looking into the lounge area before.

Now, shutters were painted a beautiful deep blue, pictures hung and sconces installed, starting to look amazing!

Lounge and billiard area before...

Already starting to take shape with walls painted a deep blue and white, lounge furniture and indoor palm trees.  Airy white curtains flanking the large picture windows overlooking the pool area.

Kristin found this driftwood tree trunk that has washed up from the ocean and placed in the lounge as a little side table.  Great find!

She placed a boat on top of the ledge to bring interest to a dead space.

r two hundred acres of ocean-front beach, bay shoreline, sand dunes, marshes and coa


How cool is this!

This large space is really coming together beautifully.  I can't wait to see the end results!

Hope everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a very happy Mother's Day!  We had such beautiful weather here in New York, it was a perfect weekend.  I had two Communions on Sunday,  so my family celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday.  The whole weekend was a celebration with family and friends.

Here is my gorgeous, amazing, remarkable, awe-inspiring mother!  She is truly a super hero, she has an incredible life story that if a book was written about her life, it will be a best seller!  Thank you for everything you do for us everyday! XOXO

My beautiful sister and my glamorous daughter!

On Sunday,  my extremely talented son Kyle gave me the most beautiful card he had drew and colored…

Isn't it amazing!

My friends and I had such a lovely time at the Communions...

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did with the people I love!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

 I haven't been able to do many projects lately because I started working at my friend's new take out restaurant Cuisine by Claudette here in the Rockaways. 
But I was able to get a little time to redefine my buffet. Though it was very pretty in black, the paint was chipping off in areas and it needed to be spruced up.  I figured since I was going to paint it I might as well paint it a different color to get a new and fresher look.

 I had wanted to try Annie Sloan chalk paint, I heard you don't have to sand or prime the piece of furniture before you paint.  However, I don't have access to this paint here in Rockaway.  So I decided to make my own using a formula I found on the web, which is two tablespoon of unsanded grout to one cup of latex paint.  The result is really fantastic, it goes on thick and when it dries it looks nice and smooth.  It does have a dull finish, I suppose you can seal it with a glossy coat of sealer to get the sheen, I like the finish without the shine for the look that I was after.

Just a bit of advice… I wouldn't make too much of the chalk paint if you are unable to finish the project  that day.  I started so late in the evening that I couldn't finish it, when I went to paint again this is what  had happened…

I added a little water and it just became more lumpy and clumpy.  I had to start a fresh batch and make sure to mix just the right amount.

I have to show you this great mirror I found a garage sale the next day.  It was perfect for the restyling I was doing around my buffet area!  It was just meant to be!

This is the before, I liked the way it looked, but I wanted to lighten up the area little more.

 I did have to sand a bit to smooth out some gouges.

Painting in the middle of the night.

Spray painted the knobs with an aluminum paint by Premium Decor from True Value.  I have tried different brands of aluminum paint for other projects and find this paint to have the best coverage.

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