Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here...

While it has been looking a lot like Christmas for many of you for awhile, it has not been around here till a few days ago!  Instead of being busy with the hustle and bustle of Christmas, we had to get our house ready for a commercial!  Unfortunately, can't divulge any info on that, but it was exciting to say the least!  Now that is over, we are scurrying to get everything ready for Christmas.  We finally got our gigantic 11ft. tree as always and decorated it.    

This is a special Christmas for us, we are celebrating our first Christmas back in our home since Hurricane Sandy hit back in October, 2012.  Every single decoration we had saved over the years are gone, so we had to start all over again with buying new decorations. 

My favorite thing in my new/old house is the fireplace.  When we rebuilt the house, we added this fireplace...  We originally wanted a clean look with just stone all the way up to the ceiling without a distraction of a mantel.  Then we realized that at Christmas time we won't have a place to hang our stockings, so we added a floating mantel covered with the same stone so not to give too much variation.  So glad we did!

Our Christmas tree all decked out for the holidays!

Pretty little birdie perched on the mantel...

Some of our new ornaments!

That's our tree this year, it is big and beautiful!  

Hope you are enjoying this special time of year!  

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to make Blue and White Chinoiserie ornaments

It seems that Blue and White China ornaments are all the craze.  Blue and White China is such a classic that no wonder Chinoiserie style ornaments would be a hit.  When I saw a few Blue and White ornaments while I was browsing through Pinterest, I had to try to make some.

I only had time to make one for now and it was pretty easy so I will be making a few more in a few days.  For now, here is how I made the Blue and white China ornament, I love the way it came out.

I couldn't find a pure white porcelain looking ornament, so I took a clear ornament and put white paint inside and twirled it around till it was opaque.

This is what the clear ornament looks like with white paint inside.

I looked at some Blue and White ginger jars for some inspirations.  

I can't wait to paint some more!  How about you, have you made any ornaments this year?  

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Little North Pole Lighting

On the first weekend of December,  our friend Joseph Mure, Jr. puts on a Christmas lighting extravaganza called the "Little North Pole" at his home to raise money for the (JDRF) Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. November 1st, Joe and countless volunteers from the community start setting up the displays and spends the month fine tuning till it is perfect.  Last year, he raised close to $200,000 from this event for JDRF.

The street gets closed off and tents with free food and drinks are set up, dancers and singers entertains hundreds of people coming to enjoy in the festivities.  There is a $20 raffle to win a free three year lease for Mercedes-Benz SUV which one lucky person wins at the end of the night (would've loved to win that)!

All the lights are off on the house until everyone counts down with excitement and at zero magically the entire property is lit up and the figurines come to life.  It feels like the New Years countdown!

Afterwards, Joe makes an announcement to all the children that Santa Claus is on his way and a helicopter hovers overhead shines lights down from the sky.  Then Santa Clause arrives and gives out  thousands of toys to the children.  

Joe's two car garage is transformed into Santa's workshop with little elf figurines busily making toys.

You can see more of the beautiful display from 2011 here. 

People come to see the spectacular display every day from all over, it is a beautiful sight to see!

Joe and all the people who volunteer and donate does an amazing job each year for this cause.

If you would like to help this cause also, you can make a donation to JDRF

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Metallic ornament wreath tutorial

I like to have a wreath on my front door all the time, it's a sign of welcome into my home. So, when I saw this gorgeous wreath while thumbing through Pinterest, I had to try my hand at it.  

This wreath can be done in any color you prefer, I chose silver so to keep in with my other decorations.  I have seen this wreath done with thrift store finds and dollars store ornaments.  However, there are no thrift stores near me and the dollars store are not really dollar stores, they are a dollar and up stores... They are more up than a dollar! 

Here are my supplies:
75 metallic ornaments - $19.00 
24 small ornaments -  $5.00
Garland 40 sq. ft. - $2.00
14" styrofoam wreath form - $11.99 at Michaels
Glue gun
Ribbon for hanging

Ready to go, this is how it was done... I wrapped the styrofoam form with the garland, I didn't worry too much if there was white showing through, at the end it will all be covered.  

First, I started hot gluing the ornaments inside of the wreath while alternating them and glued a layer of ornaments to the outside.   Then, started gluing to fill in the wreath with the ornaments making sure to space out the variations of the silver tones of the ornaments.  Added in the small ornaments to fill in the large gaps.

After the foam is completely covered with the ornaments, cut pieces of leftover garland and glue them inside the gaps that couldn't be covered with the ornaments.  

Here it is, so pretty!

I love the way it came out!  

I think it looks so elegant!  Now, if my door was painted a nice color, it would look even better!  Next project:)

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Blue and White Bash - My favorite blue and white house

Hi everyone, hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!  I'm linking up at The December Blue and White Bash at The Pink Pagoda to show off some beautiful timeless blue and white home decor.  So, head on over to The Pink Pagoda to see some gorgeous blue and white inspirations.

This is my friend Kristin's home perfectly adorned with blue and white chinoiserie style objects.  You can see more of her home herehere and here.

I added a little blue and white to my bedroom when I did a makeover to my master bedroom.

Check out some of these  gorgeous decorative canisters from here.
How about this...

Love this urn...

Blue and white chevron, so pretty!                                           Great deal on this vase here.

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