Thursday, October 23, 2014

DIY - Drum Shade Chandelier

Hi everyone, I am finally getting around to giving a tutorial on my drum chandelier I made for my master bedroom during the One Room Challenge back in May. 

What I used:  2 very large oval Quilting hoops
                      4 strings of crystals from another chandelier
                      2 Poster boards
                      Black silk like fabric
                      Gold spray paint
                      Light cord set from Ikea, I used one with a rod from another light fixture
                      4 Eyelet hooks
                      Spray adhesive

This was a really easy project and very inexpensive.

I started off by popping off the watcha ma call it, thing a ma gig on the hoop.

Cut the poster board to the desired height of the chandelier.

Spray paint the inside of the poster board, the hoops and the light fixture gold.

Fit the poster board inside the hoops and cut to fit overlapping one inch.

Cut and glue the fabric to the poster board using spray adhesive, make sure take out all the wrinkles and bumps while the glue is flexible.

I screwed in the eyelet hooks at the inside of the shade, making sure not to puncture through to the  outer side and attached the crystal strings.

Here it is hanging up, I love the way this chandelier turned out!

It goes really well in my room!

If you have any questions about making this chandelier, please leave me a comment or email me.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Creative dog food container

Sometimes, you just have to think outside of the box, in this case the container!  You know those very boring large plastic dog food containers out there, there isn't much of a style to them... But,  I probably wouldn't mind them so much if it can be hidden in a cabinet or pantry.   Unfortunately, I don't have either one, my cabinets are jammed packed and don't have a pantry.  My only solution is to have a dog food container exposed for everyone to see from my open concept kitchen, dining room and living room.  Not exactly the look I was going for!  

Since we have a very large 140 pound black lab mixed with horse possible dane, we buy large bags of food for him.  I have been looking for a decorative piece with a lid for so long and nothing seemed right.  Just when I was about to give up, there it was in my favorite store HomeGoods!  The perfect decorative container to hide the dog food.  Ok, it is a little pricer than your average dog food container, but it is well worth it!  No one will know that there is dog food inside.

Here is my sweet doggy, Ringo Starr... Yes, named after the Beatles' Ringo.  
He thinks he is human, he likes to sit on the couch and talk to us.

Being mischievous making a mess!

He is so handsome!

Puppy days!

Don't you think this is better than this... 

If you decide to get something decorative to hide the dog food, just make sure that it is safe for food.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Picnic in Lake Minnewaska and sunflower patch

My family and our friends go to Lake Minnewaska in Upstate, New York each year for a picnic in the fall.  We usually go around october to see the leaves change into beautiful shades of oranges and reds. But, this year we went in the middle of September and to our surprise we passed by the most exquisite sunflower patch I've ever seen.  We usually miss the peak of the sunflower season, I am so glad we went in September oppose to October its usually cooler too.  

Everywhere you look was a breath taking scene.

 Of course, my water babies couldn't resist jumping into the beautiful lake!

This little guy was so happy looking for little fishes in the water

Oh what a beautiful day it was! 

Back at the coast, I've been busy creating a few large seashell mirrors for my Etsy Shop.  
I love making mirrors!  This is one of my favorite mirrors, it is filled with shells I've picked up on my walks on our beach and shells from all over the world.

The oysters on this mirror also came from our beach and some of them came from a farmed source used for a restaurant.
Well, that's all folks for now!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Beautiful beach decor

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  My husband had knee surgery this past week so I have been crazy busy running back and forth from the hospital.  I am so happy the surgery went smooth and he is home recovering.  
My friend Kristin's house is one of my favorite styled homes and she is constantly rearranging her furniture and accessories to change things up a bit.  Last week, I went to her  house to see her latest furniture rearrangement.  She says, she gets bored of the seeing her room the same way for too long and has to move things around, I think that is a great way to keep you from getting tired of your space.  I am amazed at the way she displays here beautiful accessories and the way she creates areas of interests in the room.  This is the way her warm, cozy, beautiful tropical inspired living room is now.  You can see the previous layout over here and here...

A view from the dining area

Kristin's dining area

What do you think?  Isn't it beautiful?  Which layout do you like better?

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bang for the buck...

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is having wonderful summer so far.  I took a bit of a hiatus during the summer from blogging to enjoy the beautiful beach town we live in.  The children are home from school and most days we have a routine of packing up our beach gear and going down to the beach with our neighbors and their children.  Great way to spend the lazy summer days!

Unfortunately, I don't have any great decorating or DIY projects to show you.  However,  I made a little change to my living room by adding a few large plants which transformed and warmed up the room immensely.  Like beautiful sculptures, these white birds of paradise with its large banana like leaves softens the corners of the room and gave a beautiful addition to the living room with out costing an arm and a leg.

 Here is my living room now with the beautiful plants to warm up the space...  You can see the living room before the plants here,  such a difference a little greenery makes.

Let's look at some other beautiful inspirations...  Here is my friend Kristin's plants in here living room, so gorgeous!  You can see more of her house here.

Its another beautiful day here in Rockaway, off to the beach to get some fun in the sun!

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