Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dreaming of chairs!

I have been on the hunt for just the right chairs for my living room for quite some time.  The more I shop around more confused I get because there are so many great styles!

At the moment, my living room is somewhat bare... even though I do like this minimal look, it would be nice for my family and guests to have a place to sit.

Here is my living room now with a few pieces of furniture and a sofa...

I love the sofa with its swooped arms and its sleek appearance.  With all the choices out there, I have been referring to the complete guide to modern chairs to get better acquainted with the styles of chairs.  

Here are some of my picks...

I love this chair, I think two of them side by side opposite the fireplace would look great!

Now, to make a decision with which one will look the best in my space, I like them all!

I would love to hear your thoughts on your favorite chairs.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Sea Sight Treasures on Etsy

Hello, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was packed with getting together with friends, spending Sunday at the  Rockaway's first annual Beach 116th Street fair, it was a perfect weather day for the fair.  Loving these beautiful sunny days!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Pam from Sea Sight Treasures on Etsy.  Pam purchased quite a few items from my Etsy Shop in the last few months.  So, I got to know Pam such a wonderful person via conversations about the items that she was buying.  It happened that Pam doesn't live too far from me and one of these days we'll get together.  Anyway, Pam also loves working with shells and she creates beautiful coastal inspired decor.  After a few conversations about opening up her own Etsy Shop,  she finally did.  She felt that I inspired her to open up her shop and she sent me a stunning wreath she had made and a beautiful shell jewelry box as gift for returning back home after Hurricane Sandy.   It is so nice to see that there are such wonderful people like Pam out there! 

Isn't this gorgeous!

Beautiful jewelry box!

Here are some of the beach decor she has in her shop...

Wish you much success with your shop Pam, you deserve it!

Please go see Pam's beautiful designs at Sea Sight Treasures on Etsy.  

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Dancing stick figures?

Hi everyone!  This is one of those off the beaten path's post, but I just had to share it with you.

I remember when I was young how I would look up and see shapes of animals or faces and other objects in the sky.  I think we all did that, didn't we?  Now, I don't have the time to do things like that anymore, who has the time?

As I was walking my dog Ringo, the other day, I looked over at my neighbor's front yard and noticed these twigs, I couldn't believe what I saw!

These twigs were dancing!  Okay, now you think I am really crazy, right?  Crazy or not, I was amazed what I saw!  Do you see what I see?

These twigs look like they were frozen in time, at least till the gardner comes!

These are the things we used to notice before life pulled us away from simplicity.  Everything we do is rushed and we miss the beauty around us or in my case twigs! Ha Ha!

Even though, you may think that I've completely lost my mind...  I hope you come back and visit me on Monday, I will post my tutorial on the drum shade chandelier.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, May 16, 2014

My favorite One Room Challenge designer rooms

Now that I have visited over and over again all the designers who participated in the very exciting One Room Challenge hosted by Linda at Calling it home.  I want to show you some of my favorite room transformations.  These designers are truly talented and are a great source of inspirations.

I have to start with our host Linda with her mud room transformation.   Even though she will be moving soon she manages to add some beautiful detail into otherwise mundane room for the new homeowner, while she adds gorgeous artwork and accessories she can take with her.

Abby's bathroom transformation is stunning! I am in love with these amazing shower curtains, towel hooks and all the beautiful details in this bathroom.  

Talk about a show stopper!  It takes a gifted visionary to create such a beautiful room, from all the molding on the wall to the exquisite flooring and everything in between!

You had to see the likes of the small humdrum powder room before!  Seriously stunning now!

I love the wood on the ceiling and this cozy lounge area created by Naomi.  Looks like a comfy hide away!

Albertina's transformation is so chic and stylish!  I can't stop admiring the credenza she custom created, I need to have one of those!!

Really!  How gorgeous is that hood?  Pam renewed a lot of what she had to give her kitchen a whole new look!  Stunning!

The black and white in this dining room is so striking and elegant!  

If you want to see the rest of the designers and their room make overs, you should head on over to  Calling it home, you will be amazed at all the resources and inspirations.

I can't wait to show you my favorite ORC from the link up party, there are 76 participants.  That may take some time, so many great ones there too!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tutorial - How to make an upholstered headboard with mirror border

Hi everyone!  Now that I've recouped a little after the makeover of my master bedroom for the One Room Challenge, I want to show you some of the DIY projects I implemented in my bedroom.  Today,  I'm going to show you how my husband and I constructed the biggest focal point in my bedroom, the six foot tall upholstered headboard with mirror border.  The best part of this is that the upholstered section is easily interchangeable with another fabric if a change is needed.  I am thrilled at the way it turned out, it really makes a statement in the room.

Let's get started, here's what we used for a king size headboard.

-  Two - 1/2" - 4ft. by 8ft. plywood or MDF panel (One panel can be enough for a shorter headboard)
-  Two - 2" X 4" for the legs
-  One - 1/4" plywood or MDF for upholstered section
-  2" foam to accommodate the upholstered area
-  Batting
-  Fabric of choice
-  Simple molding slats for the border
-  Mirror strips cut to size at a glass & mirror store
-  Stain or paint
-  Spray adhesive
-  Mirror adhesive
-  Preferably nail gun
-  Heavy duty stapler
-  Screws

First, design the headboard and take measurements of the desired upholstered section.  Upholstered portion will dictate the size of the surrounding moldings and mirror.

Cut the plywood or MDF to size, this can be done at Lowes or Home Depot (as long as you purchase the wood from them)

Screw in the 2 X 4's to the back of the panel.  I measured where to place the 2 X 4"s according to the metal frame of my bed so that I can screw in the metal frame to the 2 X 4 legs.

This is where the interchangeable fabric comes in... After figuring out the size of the upholstered section, cut the 1/4" plywood or MDF to the same size.  Spray the adhesive on the 1/4" panel, place the foam on top and wrap it with the batting.

Wrap the fabric and staple.

Meanwhile, stain or paint all the wood molding pieces...
Next, add the molding and mirror to the perimeter of the headboard.  Make sure you do the math correctly for the size of all the components.   I was never very good in math or measuring so I did have some trials and tribulations, thanks to my hubby he was able to correct them.

Then, insert the upholstered section and screw from behind the headboard to secure.  If you need to change the fabric in the future, just unscrew from the back to take out the insert, reupholster and screw back in

Viola! You got yourself a custom headboard!

I hope you like this tutorial and check out the rest of the room here.  I will be posting the DIY drum chandelier next, I hope you come back to see it.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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