Monday, February 27, 2012

D.I.Y. Nailhead Side Table

I am so excited to show you this amazing tutorial on nailhead furniture I found at Mad in Crafts!  I love the way this side table turned out, imagine the possiblities!  This "nailhead" side table cost just under $10.00 to remake from an old outdated nightstand.  The nighstand lacked any kind of pizzazz at it's original state.  After adding new paint and some determination Jessica Hill from Mad in Crafts turned this table into gorgeous and stylish piece of furniture.  This can even rival the inspired piece from Bernhardt!

To get started you will need:

Piece of furniture
Sanding block
Primer paint
Paint (color of your choice)
Thumb tacks

I am sure we all have or have access to one of these old nightstands… 

Remove the hardware and sand down the piece to get the shine off so that the paint can adhere to it.

After sanding, prime the whole piece using Gripper primer.  Gripper is an excellent primer, less expensive than the other brands and it covers great. Paint the furniture with your choice of paint color.

Once the paint is dry, figure out the nailhead design you desire.  Being that this piece of furniture was oak, pushing the tacks into the wood is not an option.  If the wood is a soft wood, you may able to lightly hammer on the tacks.  In this case, small holes were drilled using the smallest drill bit (1/32) at 1 cm apart for a continuous line of tacks, being that the tacks are 1 cm in diameter.  Be careful to only drill deep enough for the tack to stay steady in the hole.  You want to be able to hammer the tack into the wood itself, otherwise the tack will fall right back out.

Gently hammer the tacks into the pre-drilled holes.

For a repeated flower design, cut out a simple template out of cardstock junk mail.  Mark the dots around the template at 1 cm intervals.

Drill, hammer, repeat.

This process could be used to jazz up headboards, mirrors, 
cheap IKEA furniture; the possibilities really are endless.

What do you think?
What are you up to lately?  I love to know!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gorgeous interiors!

 When I think I have a particular style that I love and that defines me, I see designs that are completely different that I fall head over heels for.  So for me,  it's a matter of putting it all together and making it work.  Here are some beautiful interiors that I recently came across that I am loving!

I love, love this diningroom from Stacy Ayash Designs

I love the driftwood looking floor!

What is your style?  What kind decor makes you happy?
I would love to know!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tragic loss of a great artist

I am very saddened by the loss of Whitney Houston.  I  grew up listening to Whitney Houston’s music and loved her in the movie Bodyguard.  She was a phenomenal singer and her songs will never be forgotten.   

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bedroom sancturaries.

Your bedroom is place to relax and re-energize yourself after a long day.  Here are some beautiful bedrooms in variety of designs that can do just that. 

Via Susan Friedman Design Group

Designed by Candice Olson

Via Bright, Bold and Beautiful

Via Bright, Bold and  Beautiful

Classic and Elegance Bedrooms – Glamorous Bedroom Ornate Fireplace
Here yοu will see Baroque and Medieval inspired bedrooms with a mοdern flair inspired by the same classic styles οf Roche Bobois.

Jeffers bedroom

Bridges bedroom

What do you think...  Feel relaxed?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Loving the shells!

Placing some beautiful shells in a basket is all you need to get that feeling of the beach.

Image via i love shelling

You can frame your favorite finds from the sea to make a wall hung collage.

Image viai love shelling
I can't wait to try making this mirror, I've just about collected enough oyster shells to make a mirror.

Decorating your yard with seashells can be just as fun as decorating inside of your home with shells.

Seashell covered mailbox via i love shelling

Your can transform your best collection of sea treasures into beautiful wall art… Makes a great conversation piece!

Great to be a part of this wonderful blogland!

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