Wednesday, July 31, 2013

House Update #3

Rebuilding our house after Hurricane Sandy has been such a long and arduous project.  Little by little we are getting there and we are anxiously waiting for the day we can move back into our house.   All the structural support that was damaged has been replaced and secured.  The exterior of the house is getting stripped of the old siding and we are replacing it with maintenace free vinyl siding.  We chose a blue-grey cedar look with white trim from Mastic Siding company.  My husband had installed this type of siding on a house right on the beach and it held up during Hurricane Sandy, so it was a no brainer to use this siding on our house, plus I love the look!

Here are some examples… I can't wait to see the siding on my house completed.

I love the railings on this house, I want to coax my husband into making them for me on our new front

Here is where my house is at now, all the exterior walls have been closed up and they have started to wrap the house.  Few days ago, they started installing the foam board insulation, this is the step before the installing the siding.  

And here is the siding going up… We are almost half way done, yeah!

And the inside…  All the floor beams were replaced and subfloor is installed.
Just when I thought we are ready to close up the walls and ceiling, we decided to raise the drop down ceiling in our livingroom.  The center of the ceiling went up to almost 11 feet high, but around the perimeter of the room their was a drop down section to accomodate for heating pipes making the ceilings 9 feet high.  Since we were changing to hot water heating and they require tubing inside the walls, we were able to raise all of the ceiling.  I always loved tall ceilings!
I'll show more of the inside when we get more completed.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pillow talk

If you are looking to spruce up your space, paint is not the only easy fix.  Pillows can really add some color, texture and can fluff up a room without breaking the bank.

You can never have enough pillows!  Pillows can be changed for the season or to get a different feel and look in a space.

The colors on these pillows pulls the room together perfectly.

Bronze and teal pillows really give a pop of color to a neutral room.

These pillows are like contemporary artwork.

Use of light color pillows helps to lighten up the dark sofa.
Traditional Living Room by Evanston Interior Designers & Decorators 2to5design

Caitlin Wilson chose beautiful floral pillows to set the tone for the other fabric.
Eclectic Living Room by Memphis Interior Designers & Decorators Anna Baskin Lattimore Design

These beautiful pillows add even more interest to these elegant chairs!

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beach decor

Lately, I have been so caught up with my house renovation that I haven't had time to create any posts.  I haven't even had time to go down and enjoy the beach, which is something we do almost everyday!  Hopefully, next year we'll be back in our lazy days at the beach routine.

For now, I am day dreaming about how I want my newly renovated home to appear.  I want to have a more contemporary flair than I used to have prior to renovation.  However, I do want to keep some of the old world pieces that I was able to save after Hurricane Sandy.  Of course I have to incorporate a dash of the ocean in the mix by adding seaglass we find on the beach, some driftwood and shells

Here are some of the sea glass found on our beach by my friend Kristin.  This is collected over time, during many, many walks on the beach.  How beautiful are they just placed in a cluster of glass vases!

or how about some driftwood found on the beach and placed in a basket...
Here are some beautiful examples of contemporary beach decor...

That is a spectacular view!  

Designer Kristin Capozzi's home

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence day!

I hope everyone have a happy, relaxing, fun filled day with friends and family!  

God Bless America!

Happy 4th of July! - Widget 1


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