Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reflecting on 2014

This past year has been a quite a year for us, we moved back into our house after rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy.  Even though the house was rebuilt, we moved in before the house was completely done so that we could be home.  We still have so much more to do, the list is a mile long!  Just means more projects to share.  

Here are some of the project we tackled this year...
We reconfigured our living room to accommodate a new fireplace  that I had always wanted.  We also installed dark espresso flooring throughout the first floor.  

Living room after the rebuild...

Living room before Hurricane Sandy

Our master bathroom got a complete remodel too.  I don't have any before pictures of the old bathroom, but you could just imagine 60's, never touched, ugly, decrepit bathroom.
I love that there is no step into the shower and the wall tile looks like a water fall.  The entire bathroom floor is waterproofed with underlayment to prevent water from leaking to the next floor.

Thanks to the One Room Challenge at Calling it Home, I completed my bedroom in six weeks with some fun DIY projects.  If it wasn't for this challenge, chances are we would still be sleeping in a headboard less, curtain less, undecorated bedroom like the before picture from below.  


These were our major undertakes for 2014.  I hope to tackle some big challenges in our home in 2015, like finishing our basement, finishing the exterior of the house, installing another bathroom, etc.
I hope you come by and visit often to see the progress and DIY projects.

Have a great day!


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