Monday, December 29, 2014

Gift wrapping idea for any occasion

I know, I know it is a bit late to be sharing a Christmas gift wrapping idea with you four days after Christmas.  But, I think this gift wrapping idea is so pretty it can be used for any occasion.  It does take a little more time than just making a bow with ribbon or putting a ready made ribbon flower.   So, I make it for special occasions and for my friends and family who would appreciate it,  not like my kids who'll tear open the wrapping like a crazed animal to get to the gift.

I wanted to create a poinsettia flower so started off with red felt fabric and cut two different size square pieces for the petals.  Size of the flower will determine the size of the petals and the amount of rows.  I cut 9 pieces of 3" squares and 7 pieces of 2" squares and shaped them into petals.  Then cut a round piece of felt for the petals to glue on to make the flower.

Fold the bottom of the petal and glue the bottom tips to create the petal,  glue the petal around the edge of the circle base.

Add a second row of petals over lapping the first row.  I made a little rosette by rolling  a thin strip of felt for the center of the flower.

The red flower looked great against the black and silver zebra print wrapping paper.

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