Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh Christmas tree...

Normally I would be happy its Friday, I look forward to the weekends to do thing with the family.  But, being that Christmas is in a few days I wish I had another week, I am so not ready.  We just had so much more to deal with this holiday.  Because of the damage caused by the  hurricane,  we had to move out of our house so that the house can be sanitized and renovated.  I don't expect to be in our house until spring, if I am lucky!  My husband is the contractor, ergo,  you know what they say about the shoemaker with holes in their shoes.  Anyway, we were lucky enough to move back into my previous house, the tenants had moved out few months ago.  We are set up with just bare necessaties, we have mattresses on the floor, no furniture except for folding table, chairs and I have almost 30 people coming for Christmas. Yippee!

Being that we didn't have any decorations, we bought just enough to decorate our tree and a little extra. Next year will do more, for now I'll have to show you our last years holiday decor.

Last year's decorations

I made this ornament with some silk hydrangea flower and foam ball.

Each year, my husband makes struffoli to bring to our neighbors.

My daughter made this wreath using a wire hanger and sandwich bags, isn't it beautiful?

This ornament was made with just gluing lace around a styrofoam ball.

I handpainted a store bought clear glass ornament and added some rhinestones, love it!

This year's decorations…

My sister picked up this cute little puffy bird and peacock from Lord & Taylor, Thank you Shan!

For my little princess!

I think the tree looks beautiful!

Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday!

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  1. How lucky to be able to move back into your old house temporarily! As much as it may be inconvenient, you will probably have fond memories of this time together even though it is not how your envisioned this Christmas to be! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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