Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bring on the holidays!

We have been inundated with so much work after hurricane Sandy that Christmas has not taken precedence like it would normally.  We had to move out of our house so that we can repair the damages.  Being that we had about 10 feet of water from my basement to the first floor, all new electrical panel, water heater, boiler and mold removal had to be done for starters.  We also had to take out all the flooring on the first floor down to the beams.  Anything that the water had touched had to be removed.  But, we do have children and Christmas is still our favorite time of the year, celebrations must go on!  By the way, every single ornament and holiday decorations I own has been thrown out because it was stored in the basement.  I wish I had an attic!  Now, I have to start fresh and get all new decorations and of course we have to make them too…  That's my favorite thing to do!

We always get a real tree and usually it is around 11 feet tall, but this year we are going to go a bit smaller being that we don't have so many ornaments to fill it.  This past Sunday, we went to our favorite place to get our Christmas tree and they also have oodles of decorations. Great place to get inspirations!
Here is the tree we all agreed should come home with us...
Santa and his reindeer displays outside the store.

There is all kinds of decorations in every theme to get you into the spirit!

The candy decorations looked good enough to eat!

Have you ever seen an upside down tree?  I love the colors!

Beautiful outdoor decorations!

I can make this!  Since I don't have much time I bought one...

Gorgeous displays!

Do you like to make your own decorations or do you have a favorite place to buy them?

I hope to show you my decorated tree tomorrow, that's if my children get their homework done on time!

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  1. What a great store! I hope you're hanging in there with the hurricane rebuilding. I'm sure it makes you count your blessings, but still, what a long haul for all of you. So sad


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