Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Christmas gone by!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I can't believe all the hustle and bustle for Christmas is over.  I say every year I am going to start earlier and be more prepared, but it never happens!  My husband and I are always scouring in the middle of Christmas eve night wrapping presents and preparing for Christmas Day dinner we host for our family and friends.  Well, it was all worth it, our Christmas Day dinner was a success and we enjoyed every bit of it!  I spend most of the day after Christmas cleaning, cleaning and some more cleaning.  I hope to be spending most of today resting, resting and more resting.  It is all wishful thinking, I'm sure my kiddos aren't going to have the same vision for me.

Well, here is an European-style waterfront estate in Massachusetts I happened to stumble upon that I am totally drooling over!  The graceful landscaping lined with perfectly manicured hedges are gorgeous.  I am not sure which part of this house is more beautiful, inside or out.  The owner of this estate had an European craftsmen to help design this rustic-yet-elegant home, the results are stunning.  The soaring brick wall in the livingroom, the dark stone countertops in the kitchen, barrel ceiling in the master bedroom are breathtaking.

 This house also includes an infinity-edge pool and surrounding stone patios and breathtaking views of surrounding water from every inch of the property.  Oh, dare to dream!

Love the wood plank ceiling!
Incredible architecture!

Incredibly beautiful! Isn't it? 

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