Friday, November 14, 2014

Transition to a Teen Bedroom

Hi there! I am about to embark on another headboard project, this time for my daughter's room.  It all started because I received a text from my friend who makes commercials and needed pictures of my daughter's room and the first floor living space in my house to see if they could use it in a future commercials.  No problem! I took some pictures right away and sent it off.   Anyway, when I saw the pictures of my daughter's room,  the room appeared so empty without a headboard.  I really have to finish off her room. I had planned to make the headboard and had even posted about it here over a year ago.    No more procrastinating, here is my daughter's room now... Isn't it screaming out for a headboard?

Here are the jewels I had purchased awhile ago for the headboard.

This is a mural I painted for my daughter a few years ago, I am hoping that she won't grow out of it for awhile!

Now, only if we can decide on a color for the headboard!  Should we go with a bold color, pastel colors or off white?  I am not sure,  I would love your input!


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