Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to remove ink stain on clothing

Hi there! I am so happy to share with you my little discovery, I'm sure most of you already know this little tidbit but, this is new to me (I get very excited about things like this!).  The other day,  I saved my shirt from going into the garbage because of yet another ink stain.  I really like this top so I tried washing it few times with different cleaners but I had no success.  I was finally giving up, the shirt was washed and dried in the dryer so many times I figured the ink stain is really set in.  Then, I came across this this solution...

As soon as I sprayed the hairspray on my shirt which was a blend of polyester,  the ink started to disappear.  I then gently rubbed the hand sanitizer and the soap on the shirt and in an instant the ink was completely gone!  Although, it would have worked totally with just hair spray and hand sanitizer.

Look at this! As it was never there!

Then, I figured how about a different kind of fabric, like cotton, would the stain get out that easily? I took one of my knock around shirt (doesn't everyone have one of those)? This time deliberately wrote on the shirt, okay went a little crazy... At first, I sprayed the stain with the hairspray and the spray broke down the stain and spread it out.  Then, I put the hand sanitizer on it and it took out I would say half of the stain, but not completely.  Lastly, I rubbed the shirt with the Dawn dishwashing liquid and instantly all of the stain came out.  For the cotton, it needed all three ingredients to get rid of this tough ink stain and for the polyester, you could just use the hairspray and hand sanitizer.

Fantastic, right?

To think, how many shirts could I have saved!

P.S. I heard rubbing alcohol works well too, but I haven't tested it out.  

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