Monday, January 6, 2014

Good year ahead!

This past year has been a year of mayhem for us.  Rebuilding our house after hurricane Sandy has been a drawn out and exhausting undertake, you can see here and here.  It started off by having to replace the first floor flooring and four feet up the sheetrock from the water damage to almost rebuilding the entire house.  This was something we never had imagined doing, but here we are over a year later substantial amount of rebuilding was done.  On the brighter side, the house has gained a new facelift, updates and the house has been structurally secured.  Major projects that we were "one day" going to do was stepped up and now nearing the end.  We are still not back in the house, yet hope to move back in a few weeks.

Here is the update on the master bathroom, the tiling is complete and the walls have been painted.  Fixtures will be put into place hopefully today and the bathroom will soon be functional.  

No project ever goes smoothly for us, there is always some sort of drama.  My sister had somehow ended up with two vanities when she remodeled her bathroom, she didn't know what to do with the extra vanity so she stored it away and forgot about it.  When I started complaining to her that I couldn't find a vanity I like for the bathroom, she realized she had this beautiful vanity stored away.  It was perfect for my contemporary bathroom except for a slight glitch, it had double sinks and we had already put in the plumbing for a single sink and had tiled the walls.  

So, now we have to attach two drains which will filter into one and try to reconfigure the drawers without loosing much of storage space.  I'll show how this gets done soon.

Meanwhile, Inspector Ringo is very happy and approve of the new bathroom's progress.  Unfortunately, he is not going to be so happy when he finds out that he will be taking his showers in their, he hates getting washed!

Check list of things to do:
          - Finish installing the fixtures
          - Get towel bar
          - Buy mirror
          - Install sconces
          - Find and buy light fixtures

Well, off  to Homegoods to find a mirror, they have a great selection of mirrors.

I hope to show you the completed bathroom very soon, hope you come back and check it out.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi-
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    I wish you the very best in 2014.

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    1. Thank you Laura, everything happens for a reason, it's all good.


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