Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hanging wreath tutorial

I have Christmas dinner at my house with my family and friends each year.   I love making the holiday dinners and enjoy spending time with the people that I love.  The decorating for the holidays is one of my favorite things to do,  this is where I have carte blanch to be creative and over the top as I want.  Being that we are still in our temporary apartment while we renovate our house after hurricane Sandy, we don't have the nicest of a home and that's okay, it is temporary.  To make it as pretty as possible is a bit of a challenge.  In the diningroom there is no chandelier, so I decided to make a wreath chandy.  I am really happy for the way it turned out!

Here is what I used:
                  Large wreath, real or fake will do,  I used a real one.
                  Ribbon, rope or garland can be used. I used a thin garland I bought at a craft store.
                  Ornaments or anything decorative you want to attached to the wreath.

I tied the thin garland to the wreath evenly and hung it up on the ceiling above my diningroom table.  Excuse my mess, Christmas exploded in my house!

Then I added tinsel and icicles ornaments to the wreath.

I love it!!

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  1. Sherry- the wreath chandler is a wonderful creation-- it's just perfect for the holidays.

    I hope your Christmas is merry and bright--



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