Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Easy DIY Christmas ornaments

I love Christmas ornaments, no matter how many ornaments I had, I bought and made more every year.  I always felt regretful for buying more each year because I had so many I couldn't even use all of them. It is a sickness I tell you…  I couldn't pass up a beautiful ornament.  This year I don't have to feel so bad for buying ornaments, because all our decorations were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy… (Not that that was a good thing, I was so upset, because there were very special ornaments my children had made), but one thing I learned with that disaster is, its all material and can be replaced.    Now,  I have to start collecting and making ornaments all over again, what a bummer!  I love to make ornaments, this is a pastime I really enjoy doing and if I am really lucky my kids could be my helpers, chances are  I can forget about my 15yr old son, but I still have a chance with my daughter if I can get her to break away from trying to locate Justin Bieber!

Here are my first ornaments for this Christmas, a glittered snowflake...

All I used was:  
                         Wooden snowflake from my local craft store for a   
                          Silver glitter

Spread the glue on the snowflake and coat it generously with glitter.
When you are using glitter, have some newspaper under your project because glitter can get really messy.  When you dump the extra glitter off, you can bend the paper into a funnel shape and put the extra glitter back in the bottle to save the excess glitter.

It is so easy!

The next ornament was also so simple, a twine wrapped glass ball.

I used: Shatter proof glass ball from the craft store

For this project, I recommend a low temperature hot glue gun or a stronger glue such as Magna-Tac from Beacon.  Simply just place glue on the ball as you wrap with the twine.  After you wrap the whole ball, at the end just cut the twine and tuck it into the bottom.

Simple is good!  Have you made any ornaments this year?  I would love to see!

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  1. Love the glittered snowflakes! They look so pretty!


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