Thursday, November 7, 2013

Basement renovation

After Hurricane Sandy, every single home's basement in the coastal area was flooded.  At that time, everything in the basements had to be removed and thrown out right down to the sheetrock on the walls if there was any.  Some people used their basements solely for storage and laundry area.   But, many have incorporated their basements as part of their living space like a family room, extra bedroom, office, work out area, etc.  

My husband, the contractor renovated our friend's basement that was destroyed in the storm and now it is a place where they can entertain friends and family.  Now, there is a bedrooms for guests, family room, laundry room, bathroom and a wine room.

I don't have before photos, this is after they put up the walls and separated the rooms.

They laid down beautiful driftwood color porcelain tiles.

There was an existing fireplace with not much character..., they decided to surround it with ledgestone and it looks amazing!
They decided to surround the fireplace with ledgestone.  There were an array of stone choices at the stoneyard, we chose the charcoal gray for a bit of contrast to make it the focal point.

Here it is now with all its beauty! Looks amazing!
The red club chairs they purchased from Homegoods adds a nice punch of color.

They hung a wrought iron wall decor over a door under the stairs to camoflauge the odd door, it worked!

They purchased this really comfortable sectional from West Elm which is easy to disassemble and move, because it is made for apartment living.  For them it was because if there was any threat of flood in our area, they can easily bring it upstairs, same went for all their other purchases.  

This room that was previously a small kitchen was made into a perfect little wine room.  They bought this kitchen cabinet from Ikea to act as a wine bar, my husband tweeked and made it fit incorporating a wine fridge and storage, fits like a glove.

My friends kept a budget in mind, yet without sacrificing style and function.  This basement turned out absolutely gorgeous!  Don't you think?

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