Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beach decor

Lately, I have been so caught up with my house renovation that I haven't had time to create any posts.  I haven't even had time to go down and enjoy the beach, which is something we do almost everyday!  Hopefully, next year we'll be back in our lazy days at the beach routine.

For now, I am day dreaming about how I want my newly renovated home to appear.  I want to have a more contemporary flair than I used to have prior to renovation.  However, I do want to keep some of the old world pieces that I was able to save after Hurricane Sandy.  Of course I have to incorporate a dash of the ocean in the mix by adding seaglass we find on the beach, some driftwood and shells

Here are some of the sea glass found on our beach by my friend Kristin.  This is collected over time, during many, many walks on the beach.  How beautiful are they just placed in a cluster of glass vases!

or how about some driftwood found on the beach and placed in a basket...
Here are some beautiful examples of contemporary beach decor...

That is a spectacular view!  

Designer Kristin Capozzi's home

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