Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sweet Sixteen name board

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weekend!  My niece Madison is having an all out fancy Sweet Sixteen party this Sunday.  We have been very busy getting ready for this big shindig, shopping for fancy dresses, party gifts for guests, getting manicures and pedicures, it's a lot of work. But, she is worth it all, she is an honors student, her grades are every parent's dream and she is sweet as pie.

We had gotten everything needed for the party, except for a Sweet Sixteen name board, apparently this is something you are supposed display in the hall.  The party was only a few days away, it was too late to have one custom made and it cost a few hundred dollars. We ditched the idea of buying one and decided to not have one at all.  Then I thought, how hard can it be to cut out a name on foam board and glitter it up?

This is what I made…

This is what I used:

1)  Two foam boards

2)  Elmer's spray adhesive

3)  Glitter

4)  Electric knife

First, I figured the font I wanted to use for the letters and I free-handedly drew her name.  I drew very large letters so I was only able to fit three letters on one board and I managed to fit four letters on other board.  I had first started to use an exacto knife to cut out the name, but the knife was too difficult to use.  I then used the electric knife and it cut perfectly.  After I cut out both boards I used my glue gun to attach the two pieces to make the name.  I glued small pieces of foam board to the back of the name to secure the adjoining seam.

I sprayed with Elmer's spray adhesive...

And glittered it up with two layers of glitter!

Instead of a dot over the i, I cut out a crown and added some jewels for our little princess!

Happy Sweet Sixteen Birthday to our Madison!

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