Saturday, June 22, 2013

Days of Summer are finally here!

Yesterday was officially the begining of summer and I am so looking forward to going to the beach, tackling new projects and enjoying the great outdoors!  I am like a bear, I hibernate in the winter, I don't like the cold weather at all.  When it is bright, sunny and warm out,  I get engergized and want to do myraids of projects (I'll be lucky if I finish two!) because I'll get distracted and go to the beach every other day.

Well, let me show you what I am working on now… My friend recently asked me to paint a small cabinet she had bought at Homegoods for her foyer.  Of course I said yes, because she has a very opulent taste which means I can do what I love to do, paint decorative designs on furniture.

The cabinet originally looked like this… it was a right fit for the space, but the color needed to be changed to match the space.

I started with brushing primer on the cabinet, but it was so difficult to get inside of the cabinet, I ran to the hardware store and got some spray paint.  It made the job a lot easier and faster, except I did run into few mishaps.  A couple of areas on the cabinet bubbled and started to peel, I had to wait til it dried and paint again.  Some areas started to crackle, which I couldn't understand.  Usually, if you paint over oil based paint with water base paint, then the paint would crackle.  That wasn't the case, I had the same based paint throughout.  Lastly, when you are spray painting from a can, you must shake the can really, really well.  Otherwise, the color will not be consistant and the texture will be gritty.  If that happens, which it did happen to me, you'll have to slightly sand it to remove the grit.  It took six layers of spray paint to cover the original paint, finally finished with the coverage. 

Now for the fun part, decorative detail!  I used a small brush to paint the detail, I have used metallic paint pen which is easier but didn't have the color I needed.  

This is as far as I've gotten… I am planning to paint the detail on the drawers and add a sealer this weekend.  Hope you come back to see the finished cabinet.

Have a great Weekend!

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