Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Patiently waiting for warmth...

I cannot believe how cold it has been here in New York…  I'm ready to pack up and move down to Florida!  Maybe one day, for right now I'll just keep hoping for warm weather.  

This past weekend I went to this great furniture store called FIND homefurnishings in Downtown, Brooklyn that had gorgeous furniture and home accessories.  Unfortunately, the prices were a bit out of my range and I really didn't need anything yet.  But, it was really nice to see the latest style in furniture and get some ideas.

I love the wooden chandeliers, similar to the ones from Restoration Hardware.

I think these light fixtures can be easily created.

Gorgeous armoire!

 I also love these glass float accessories...

Next day, I took my daughter and her friend to a nearby spot great for taking pictures.  

A forest of wood pilings!  I think it once held a pier for boats to come in.

Somersault anyone?

A couple of real good friends having fun!

How is the weather by you?  Is it as cold as New York?


  1. I'm with you: it's too darn cold here! But did you hear the forecast for the weekend? Supposed to be gorgeous!!!! Love your little gymnasts!


  2. Thanks for the tour Sherry, agree with you, a lot of the stuff looks RH although I hope, doesn't cost as much as RH items do. It's better here in the south, a lot of rain though, but I'm thankful. Are those two lovely yours? They are precious and I just love the somersault photo!


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