Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How do we begin to restore after Sandy?

The trail of devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy has left myself and so many people bewildered and shocked.  Every single family in our community and communities along the coast has lost so much.  Cars floated away or submerged in water,  basements were flooded with water up to the ceilings.  Water even had entered the main floors in homes, destroying  furniture, appliances, cabinets and so much more.

We loved to take walks on the beach to see the breathtaking ocean on one side and the beautiful beach front homes on the other side.  Now all along the beach the homes are completely destroyed by the ocean's wrath.  It is heartbreaking to see people's home mangled beyond recognition, crushed as if a giant stomped on them.  After Super Storm Sandy, I look at the ocean with trepidation and uneasiness.   It is such a feeling of uneasiness to know that this body of water is so powerful and can wipe out an area with such brut force. 

As I walked along the beach, this is what I see now...

There once was a big beautiful house in the above picture of rubble, at the entrance stood pillars with the horse heads guarding the house. 

The destruction is incomprehensible, to restore our community will be a daunting task.  However, one day I do see ourselves walking along the beach and seeing beautifully rebuilt homes better than ever.

Sandy also wreaked havoc on my home,  I will show you the damage it caused soon.

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  1. I don't know how people rebuild and take the risk to see this happen again, with sea levels rising. I would relocate. Probably easier said than done, right!

    1. Hi Maya, It is definitely easier said than done! We live in a wonderful beach community, everyone so close, every summer feels like you are on vacation and it will be hard to move. We had to move to Brooklyn till the power goes back on and till our house is redone, I feel like a fish out of water here. It was over seventy years ago a storm like this happened here in Rockaway, so I am hoping it will be a long time before another. However, If we get another crazy storm even close to this devastation, we will be rethinking the relocating idea, to where, I don't know.

  2. Sherry, I'm so sorry! I know the Rockaways got hit very badly. Let me know if there is anything we can do. We're in Wantagh and our house narrowly missed getting hit by a neighbor's tree. Power went back on Wednesday of last week. I wish LIPA would hurry up and get over there for you guys. It breaks my heart.


    1. Thank you Jeanine… Because we are in such a hard hit area, it will take some time to get the power back on. LIPA has to go to every single house to make sure the electric is safe before they put power in the homes. I am glad you were able to dodge your neighbor's tree and your power is back on.


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