Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

 I haven't been able to do many projects lately because I started working at my friend's new take out restaurant Cuisine by Claudette here in the Rockaways. 
But I was able to get a little time to redefine my buffet. Though it was very pretty in black, the paint was chipping off in areas and it needed to be spruced up.  I figured since I was going to paint it I might as well paint it a different color to get a new and fresher look.

 I had wanted to try Annie Sloan chalk paint, I heard you don't have to sand or prime the piece of furniture before you paint.  However, I don't have access to this paint here in Rockaway.  So I decided to make my own using a formula I found on the web, which is two tablespoon of unsanded grout to one cup of latex paint.  The result is really fantastic, it goes on thick and when it dries it looks nice and smooth.  It does have a dull finish, I suppose you can seal it with a glossy coat of sealer to get the sheen, I like the finish without the shine for the look that I was after.

Just a bit of advice… I wouldn't make too much of the chalk paint if you are unable to finish the project  that day.  I started so late in the evening that I couldn't finish it, when I went to paint again this is what  had happened…

I added a little water and it just became more lumpy and clumpy.  I had to start a fresh batch and make sure to mix just the right amount.

I have to show you this great mirror I found a garage sale the next day.  It was perfect for the restyling I was doing around my buffet area!  It was just meant to be!

This is the before, I liked the way it looked, but I wanted to lighten up the area little more.

 I did have to sand a bit to smooth out some gouges.

Painting in the middle of the night.

Spray painted the knobs with an aluminum paint by Premium Decor from True Value.  I have tried different brands of aluminum paint for other projects and find this paint to have the best coverage.


  1. I love it before and I LOVE it after! you have Great style !

  2. Don't we all learn valuable lessons when we DIY. It turned out beautifully though! Love how it looks all dressed up with that fabulous mirror. You're very creative...newest follower.

    Sonya @

  3. You did a beautiful job.The new, lighter look is just right for summer.

  4. just beautiful!!! i LOVE those colors!!!


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