Sunday, April 15, 2012

Visit to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  What a beautiful weather we have been having here in New York… We decided to take advantage of the weather and go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to see the cherry blossom display, they are spectacular!  My son Kyle is away on a trip to Washington DC so it was just my husband, my daughter and me.  As soon as we arrived, my daughter got a hold of my camera and started snapping shots of all the beautiful flowers.  I didn't mind as long as my battery lasted so that I can take picture of the beautiful cherry blossom show Mother Nature put on for us, it is magnificent! 

Well, my daughter was so trigger happy with my camera that right before we came to the cherry blossom display my camera stopped taking pictures, the battery died! Grrrr…

But, she did manage to get some beautiful pictures.

Japanese Garden looks so serene with its beautiful coy fish lake and perfectly shaped trees.

My daughter hamming it up with my glasses on…

The beautiful lush foliage makes you feel like you are in a tropical rain forest!

The outdoor cafe was so crowded that the only place to sit and eat were on the steps (we were definitely not alone in taking advantage of this beautiful day!)  Its' all good… We enjoyed sitting and just watching people from all walks of life admiring the surrounding.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and took a moment to see the beauty around you.


  1. Too bad you didn't get pictures of the cherry blossoms, but your daughter captured lots of other botanical beauty :-) The Japanese Garden is so lush and green, and the koi are huge! I love the purple orchids. I used to have the same orchid plant (or one very similar), but I killed it :-( Now you have me wanting to find another one like it!


  2. So many beautiful flowers! Sorry you didn't get any pics of the cherry blossoms. Your daughter made up for it though with all of the other great pictures she took. Glad you and your family enjoyed a nice day together.


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