Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nature made decor

My friend Kristin is involved in a huge design project for a local beach club.  She is challenged with decorating a 3500 sq. ft. bar/restaurant area for the club before Memorial day, yikes...  This room is extremely out dated and appears to be dark and gloomy.  She wants to brighten up the space with paint and new lighting, add interest with natural elements such as driftwood, add art, nautical accessories and plants.  All new furniture has to be purchased along with installing new floors.

I plan to post the progress of this soon to be an amazing transformation.  I know it will be beautiful, because Kristin has wonderful taste and very talented when it come to coastal decor, just take a look at her home.

So, this past Sunday Kristin and I slipped away from our families for a few hours to find organic style furniture and accessories to put into the beach club.  She had stumbled upon this amazing store/warehouse called From The Source in Brooklyn.  They had the largest collection of exotic woods and driftwood I have ever seen.  They had tree trunks, large vines, driftwood to make tables, desks, chairs, sculptures, etc...

Great organic chandelier!  How great would this look in a modern space.,,

Kristin rummaging through the barrels of Liana vines to find the right pieces for a sculptural art installation she is creating.

Here are some examples of beautiful use of driftwood.

I have seen unique pieces of wood that have made into chairs, have been crafted into lamps and coffee tables.

These tables make a spectacular centerpiece for a room and a great conversation piece.

 The wood can simply be hung on the wall or propped in a corner.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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