Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome Tasha!

Congratulations to my friends Kristin and her family on the new addition to their family!  They had been waiting over a year for their adoption to go through.  Her name is Tasha and she is one lucky girl… She has been adopted by the most wonderful family.  Tasha is a beautiful eight week old German Shepherd that is going to be treated like a doggy princess.  She is the cutest little puppy!!

My daughter fell head over heels for Tasha

Tasha's beautiful blue and white dog bowls!

So while I was visiting Tasha I couldn't help but notice some changes in Kristin's home, remember the post on Kristin's beautiful home.  

Her tall glass vases filled with gorgeous sea glass... I've never seen so many handpicked sea glasses. That's a lot of walks on the beach!

She changed her diningroom table from round to rectangular for more seating.  Still beautiful and more functional.

A driftwood garland placed on the table adds nice coastal flair.

Little puppy is pooped from all the excitement.  She is soooo sweet!

Have a great day!


  1. Wow... her seaglass collection has grown since!! Amazing. And the dog is the sweetest. My kind of dog for sure!

  2. What an adorable dog! And you are right, Kristin's home is gorgeous!


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