Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Staircase makeover

My husband is a home improvement contractor and so I should have tons of how-to projects to show you.   I always ask my dear, dear husband to take before and after pictures of his projects... But he always get so caught up that he forgets to take the before pictures and we are left with only after pictures.  Case in point with this fabulous staircase makeover project which I don't have before pictures of to show you, so this is where our imagination comes in… Imagine the risers of this steps were so scuffed and damaged that the only thing was to do was to rip it out and replace with new wood risers,  carpet it or tile it.  The owners wanted something different, artistic and durable, so my husband suggested tiling the risers and staining the  treads.  They loved the idea!

First, he stained the treads in a dark stain, I love the combination!

He put a layer of thin set especially made for wood with a trowel on the risers, "buttered" the tiles and placed them on the risers.  Accent tiles were placed to give it the artistic flair that the homeowners desired.

It looks beautiful!


  1. what a is so interesting to see what a little work and imagination can do!

  2. Love it! Btw, thanks for linking up at Market Your Biz and Giveaways :) Hope you can link up, too, in my Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

  3. This is great and the tiles will hold up so much better than just paint. Thanks for sharing! I have another option for my stairs now.

  4. Wow, that looks great. I love the look for sure.


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