Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Staircase Reveal

Finally, my staircase is finished!  Well, almost!  We still have to install a bannister system and if it was up to me I like it without the bannisters, that is why we haven't had one for more than a year.  Hey, no one has fallen over yet! He He!  I really like the look of the floating stairs without the obstruction of a railing system.  We'll see how long I can ride this one for...

While we were renovating our house, we had ripped out our old rickety staircase and replaced it with a new one.  We had a local woodworking company come and take measurements and they built us a new staircase in their shop and installed it.  

Here is after the new staircase is installed.

The stairs needed to be thoroughly sanded and then my husband painted the risers with white paint.

Looking good already!

Hubby used an espresso finish from Minwax to match our existing floors.  He used a brush to put on the stain and wiped it off to get the desired color.  We didn't want a thick coat of stain, we wanted a slight variation of the color to match the rest of our floors and he was able to get that look by wiping off most of the stain.

To finish it, he used four coats of water-base polyurethane from Rust-oleum.  I did not want any shine on the steps so we used the clear matte finish.

 Loving it!
What do you think, bannister or no bannister?  Would love to hear your opinion.

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