Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snowed in by Winter storm Juno

Hi everyone! My friend Sheryl shared this picture she took this morning enjoying her day off from work in front of her fireplace in her Pjs.  If you are on the east coast, we are probably in the same boat, snowed in by Winter storm Juno.  They were anticipating 2-3 feet of snow and declared a state of emergency.  However, we didn't get nearly as much snow as they predicted, thank goodness!  Just enough to get a snow day from work and school,  whoo hoo!!  

I needed to move things around a bit to get some change in my dining room, I don't like to see the same accessories in one area for too long.   So, I  restyled my buffet and my shelves with some Home Goods finds.

 Keeping my fingers crossed for my Orchids to bloom again.

I still need to add more accessories to my book shelf,  maybe some books, uhm interesting thought!

Here's my shell box, I have been in the process of making for the past few months, another one of those procrastinating projects.  

I found this painted nautilus shell in a antique store in Upstate, love it!

 Hope you are having a wonderful day, snowed in or not!

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