Friday, February 14, 2014

Staying warm on this Valentines Day!

I didn't have anytime to make Valentine's Day decorations this year… So, I'm just going to show you my one and only Valentine's Day project from last year.  Hopefully, I don't use the same one next year!

You can see how I made this sweet Valentine wreath here.

Sending all of you some Valentines Day Love!

Well, its was another snowy stormy day here in New York yesterday and I've had enough with all this bad weather!
This was outside of my window in the morning and I just told my children to roll over and go back to sleep.  There was no way they could make it to school.  They didn't fight me too much!  

To keep warm on these cold blustery days, we have our new fireplace going most of the day.  We are almost complete with the look of the fireplace, this is how we started.  We chose a white quartz ledgestone to surround the entire bump out.  I wanted the fireplace to be without a mantel for a seamless contemporary look.  Then during Christmas time, I thought I wouldn't have a place to hang our stockings.  So I decided that we make a floating mantel and wrap it with the same stone so that there will be a continuous  look.  

Here is the stone we chose, it has a sparkle to it that I love!  
My husband made sure the mantel was built strong and secure to hold up the stone that was going to be wrapped around it.

Here's the fireplace as it starts to get covered in the stone.  

The stone gets a 45 degree angle cut at the corners for a really nice finished edge.

And here is where we are up to as of yesterday… Almost complete!

I can't wait till its finished… Then I can show you the finished product.  Hope to have a better picture than this.

Happy Valentine's Day

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