Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sprucing up a kitchen

Here is another fantastic project done by Mr. Home Improvement (My hubby) in a client's kitchen.  The client wanted a tuscan style kitchen… She had already some nice features like and arched alcove to tuck her stove into and tuscan style tile for the backsplash.  I painted their walls with a terra cotta color (not sure of the exact name of color) and glazed with a burnt sienna glaze.  

This is the undercoat...

This is with the glazing treatment…  This treatment was done by pouncing with a sea sponge and wiping to get a nice mottled effect. 

Best of all in this kitchen makeover was the flooring.  The clients had outdated looking tile and wanted a new look for the floors.  But, they didn't have enough funds in their budget to take out the existing tile and replace with new.   Thats when my Mr. Home Improvement Hubby had the brilliant idea of cutting the edges of the existing tiles with a rotozip to insert small 4" X 4" tile as accent pieces (this is definitely not for the faint of heart).  This takes real skill, but with lots of patience and practice cutting tiles with a rotozip, it can be done.  It gave the floor a brand new look.

Here was the before… Really blah!

Here is now with the tile inserts… It gave the floor a whole new look!

I love these beautiful tile inserts!


  1. The paint looks great! I've never tried that technique because it looks so hard. LOVE the inserts too!

  2. Stopping by from Transformation Thursday!


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