Thursday, February 2, 2012

Loving the shells!

Placing some beautiful shells in a basket is all you need to get that feeling of the beach.

Image via i love shelling

You can frame your favorite finds from the sea to make a wall hung collage.

Image viai love shelling
I can't wait to try making this mirror, I've just about collected enough oyster shells to make a mirror.

Decorating your yard with seashells can be just as fun as decorating inside of your home with shells.

Seashell covered mailbox via i love shelling

Your can transform your best collection of sea treasures into beautiful wall art… Makes a great conversation piece!

Great to be a part of this wonderful blogland!

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  1. I always love me some shells! I love that centerpiece on the table. It's just chalk full of texture and beautiful colors! Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight! Having a blog has surely helped me to stop feeling like the dead matador :) I hope you get to rise up up off the floor fully inspired too!

  2. This makes me SOOOO ready for summer!!


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