Friday, September 16, 2011

Which fabric to choose...

My husband surprised me one day with this beautiful occasional chair he had found along the way.  I absolutely love the cut outs on the backrest and its clean lines.  It is a strong solid chair, it just needs a little TLC.  I could strip it and stain it with a dark wood stain, but I really like the fresh crispy look of the white.  I am going to lightly sand it, fill some areas with wood putty and spray paint it with Rustoleum white paint.
Now, my real dilemma is that I have two fabrics that I cannot decide on.  One with bold and vibrant colors, a little risky.  Another with more muted and safe colors.  Which one to use?  I am leaning more towards the bold colors, because I usually go with the more safer colors.  But, I'm not quite sure which way I should go!  So,  I would really, really love your opinion…

Here is the gorgeous chair…

Here is the fabrics I am pondering over…

So, which one should it be?   Help…

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  1. I guess it would depend what room your using it in. I like the one in the 2nd & 3rd picture. After scrolling up and taking a second look I have to say the 3rd pic. It just looks like it goes with the style of the chair.
    I have the same trouble with making decision on what fabric, what paint color and so on. Good luck, can't wait to see what you decide on.


  2. muted as well....for liveability....i would get tired of the bright colors....

  3. The muted one would be more practical although the vibrant one really caught my eye! - I guess I am no help! Thanks for stopping by - I know what you mean about being in denial about summer ending! I wish it was longer!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Truly you cannot go wrong but they are both such different looks, one is pretty and safe and more low key the other is more fun, playful, pretty and funky. Depends on what kind of vibe you are going for and where its being used.......let us know!


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