Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gifts from the ocean.

One of the great things about living by the sea is you can take a walk on the shore at any time of the day and find wonderful treasure left by the ocean.  This past winter while walking my puppy on the beach I came across this amazing tree trunk that had been weathered by the winds, waves and tumbled through the sandy waters.  It looks like all kinds of little sea creatures bored little holes into it and made it there home.  There are little barnacles all over it,  I love these natural elements.  It weighed about 200 pounds, of course I couldn't carry it home, so I waited for my 12 year old son Kyle "the hercules" to get home from school to help me load it up in our red flyer wagon and pull it home.  I was thinking of putting some shellac on it and turning it into a table, that will be a future project.   All the smaller driftwood we find on the shore, I display in a beautiful wicker basket til I can use it in a project.

Little barnacles and homes of little creatures

Driftwood collected while walking along the shore.

Enjoy you weekend!

Happy 4th of July!


  1. The driftwood piece is stunning!! Just make sure there are no living creatures in there still. Love the basket too! Hope you had a great 4th. I got to watch some fireworks on the beach right from my window. Was fun.

  2. So clever and the end result is just beautiful! I love the beachy vingnette you created, its sooo pretty!! Enjoy your weekend-


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