Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sneak peak at my antique bench makeover

A few weeks ago I went to a garage sale and found this sweet dainty bench.  I was lucky the owner was desperate to get rid of it, so I got it for a song!  I finally started working on it yesterday, it was little rickety and need to be tighten with some clamps and wood glue.  Then I removed the seat and took off layers of fabric that it had been covered with over the years right down to the original fabric.  Then I realized that it was a true antique not a reproduction, because it was stuffed with hay which most of it had turned to dust.  Synthetic materials weren't used for upholstery stuffing until 1920's.  Before then upholstery were stuffed with natural material like horse hair or hay.  Being that the wood was in good condition, I am tossed between painting it in a distressed white or sanding it and staining it a dark wood tone to bring it to this century.

I chose this fabric to upholster the bench, it is a beautiful brocade.

I'll be back when I figure out the finish I am going to go with. Meantime, I would love it if  you leave   me a comment on the  finish I should choose.

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  1. Don't know where its going but I can honestly see it whitewashed, which would be stunning and give it a very soft, French feel or darker would make it more formal..somehow I am prone to saying go whitewashed I think it will compliment that gorgeous fabric beautifully! Good luck..and thanks for stopping by!


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